How 2016 Turned the Democrats into the National Security Party

Bill Scher is also a regular contributor to The New Republic and Real Clear Politics. He is a Senior Writer at, and co-hosts The DMZ, an online TV show with conservative  CNN contributor Matt Lewis on Bill is the author of Wait!  Don’t Move to Canada!: A Stay-and-Fight Strategy to Win Back America.  He has made appearances on C-SPAN, CNN International, MSNBC and NPR among other TV and radio outlets, and his opinion articles have been published by the New York Times, New York Daily News and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Note: This is a video of the 2016 World Affairs Council of Western MA's Annual Meeting. Bill Scheer is preceeded by a number of speakers. To get to a specific speaker, you can shuttle through the videos to a specific time.

2016 Annual Meeting Program:

Opening: Gary Breton, Outgoing President

10:34: Ken Furst, Past President with Board nominations

20:25: John Morse, New President

28:07: Allison Werder, President of introducing Bill Scher

33:13: Bill Scher, Contributing Editor to POLITICO Magazine