Linking Western Massachusetts to the World since 1926

The World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization founded in Springfield after World War I in response to a rising trend toward isolationism and xenophobia among lawmakers and the American public.

Our work today is just as vital.  As a member organization of the World Affairs Council of America and Global Ties US, we seek to increase public awareness about foreign policy and global affairs, to foster civil and  informed discourse around these topics, and to provide local opportunities for citizen diplomacy. In pursuit of these goals, we:

  • Present events featuring speakers with expertise in international affairs. Events range from formal dinners to more casual programs like our Instant Issues Brown Bag lunches or evening receptions.
  • Participate in the State Department’s International Visitors Leadership program, which brings future leaders from around the world to the United States to meet with their American peers and provides opportunities to members to engage in citizen diplomacy by meeting with or hosting visitors in their homes for dinner.
  • Partner with local educators to enrich students’ classroom experience by hearing from Council speakers or attending or attending an international career panel.
  • Offer social events such as Adventures in International Dining, watch parties for significant global events such as presidential foreign policy debates, and other informal gatherings.
  • Offer discounts to members to attend the National Conference of the World Affairs Council of America.